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— The meshIQ Platform —

Welcome to the meshIQ Platform: an observability platform for Messaging, Event Processing, and Streaming across Hybrid cloud (MESH). Founded in 1994, meshIQ is focused on helping companies improve their ability to resolve business application issues faster, reduce failures, reduce costs, and to constantly innovate. We're a time-tested firm with our eyes on the future.

Explore the following modules:

Observability. Monitor the performance of your middleware systems, including message flows, message rates and availability. Define alerts and trigger automated corrective actions. Using our Grafana plug-in, you can leverage the data collected by the platform as a Grafana data source and query it using JKQL, our English-like query language. Learn more.

Management. Administer and control Apache Kafka, IBM MQ, IBM IIB/ACE, Solace PubSub+, RabbitMQ, and Tibco EMS objects. Capabilities include configuration management, scheduling and automation, and comprehensive permissions management, including a complete audit trail of all user actions. Learn more.

Tracking. With meshIQ's scalable tracking module you can track the flow of anything — from a transaction to an end user’s engagement — through your entire application stack. Track and analyze historical data, leveraging a wide range of machine learning (AI) algorithms to proactively detect anomalies and predict performance patterns. Learn more.

The meshIQ platform offers the following features:

Find out what's new in version 11.1!

Upgrading from version 10? See Installing meshIQ platform licenses when upgrading to version 11 to learn how to install a v11 license.



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